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About Parani


You know the feeling. Throw a leg over, turn the key, and fire up the beast. It’s you, your machine, and that endless stretch of black asphalt. Your destination is secondary to the freedom you’ll find on the road. At Sena, we get it. That’s why we’ve been the market leader in Bluetooth® intercom systems for Powersports for years. We’re proud to introduce Parani, a Bluetooth Intercom line with it’s own dedicated Bluetooth intercom network, designed for riders looking for the thrill and purity of the ride.

Parani is designed for one thing: to support your ride as seamlessly as possible.
It simply offers the essentials to your ride: crisp, clear audio and communication with other Parani users. Backed by Sena’s years of expertise and industry-leading customer support, riders are guaranteed to have the best experience without breaking the bank. It’s all about giving you the control and flexibility you want on your journey.

The open road awaits. We'll see you out there.

Parani. Exclusively sold online @ Parani.com and Amazon.com.

Please note that Parani products operate exclusively and solely across the dedicated Parani Bluetooth Intercom Network. Parani intercom function is not compatible with Sena-brand products.

Quality, Built By Sena

From Sena – the market leader in motorcycle Bluetooth® intercom headsets – comes the newest systems for the next generation of riders. Whether you’re a solo commuter enjoying a podcast on the way in or you’re pairing up with three buddies to hit the twisties, Parani keeps you connected.

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